Iker Ocio Zuazo

Hey, world!

I love software development and Python, specially. I am interested in Physics and Astronomy


Data Analysis

There is too much information hidden in data. Mi experience with data analysis has been in academic environment but it has been awesome.


I love cyber-security and ethical hacking world. Product development is something good, connect devices to the cloud... but we cannot lose sight from security.


DevOps world is something amazing. Technologies like Docker, automate tasks and build infrastructures in just few commands... is awesome.

Cloud Services

Everyone knows Amazon, Microsoft or Google but just some of them knows services behind them. I've been working in Azure and AWS. They offer a lot of useful cloud services that we can use.


This language is perfect when we need something working in a short piece of time. I love Python and its posibilities.


Industry 4.0 is awesome. Many devices connected with each other. Export data to cloud environment. IT team is very useful in this place supporting PLC world.


We cannot speak about Frontend nowadays without Javascript. Really important on many web developments.


Things always look prettier when you put on makeup. Web development was not going to be less.


The power of the multiplatform and its market. Today plenty of applications that derive from this language are surrounding us. Besides, it was the first language that I used to learn all concepts about OOP.


The first web development language that I met. All basis from web development have been learned using PHP.


There are many types of databases. There are different needs. We have to adapt them to technology.


Mobile platform is really important nowadays. It is important to know something about it.

Experiencia y educación

  • Kurago Software 2021-Actualidad
    Desarrollador de software
  • SMC International Training 2018-2021
    I develop MES of SIF-400 in SMC. Between OT and IT environments.
  • Becario Mondragon Unibertsitatea 2016-2017
    I participated in a research project related to ML on laser machining system.
  • Freelance 2015-2018
    En mi tiempo libre siempre me han gustado los retos nuevos de aprender nuevas tecnologías y si puede ser de manera remunerada, mejor aun.
  • Njoy Party & Events 2014-2015
    Software developer, webmaster and sysadmin on this small event company. Specific software to make parties more enjoyable.


Conference assistance / Talks

About me

  • Soy una persona bastante competitiva en constante aprendizaje y de un perfil muy tecnico. Además, en mis ratos libres, me gusta disfrutar de la música, los amigos y el deporte. En ocasiones, escribo cosas en el blog.